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Truck-Mounted Platforms are light, fast & compact man-lifts. They have fixed working platform with the ability to operate from the platform which provides high working accuracy. They are the first choice for street-lighting companies, Camera-man Shooting, contractors, glaziers, steel erectors, tree trimmers, painters, sign installers, window cleaners…An improved boom design give a stable weight platform. The telescopic boom gives excellent controllability and will allow an enhanced outreach with a full capacity cage. It enables you to reach up and over obstacles to get to the most awkward places that would normally need a much larger machine. It can be used in busy city streets due to its ability to reduce disruption of the traffic flow.

Some of their features:


  • Diesel operated

  • Fixed working platform

  • Compact

  • Platform control

  • Advance warning

  • Working cut-off

  • Weight sensor

  • Lanyard anchorage points for fall protection devices

  • Manual descent

  • Emergency working mode