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Founded in 1979 by general manager, Mahmoud Kurdi. He quickly gained a reputation for importing heavy construction machines, mainly from Europe, to trade in the Lebanese market and thus playing a significant role by participating in building the Lebanese infrastructure during and after the civil war.


we spotted the unsafe working practices that were used in the Lebanese work-sites and the absence of a law that prohibit such practices by the government which resulted in simple mistakes shattering lives on work-sites. Since then, we were striving to be innovators and play a major role in implementing the right equipment to the job and lighting up on safe work practices.


KURDI Man-Lifts department was born under its registered trademark. We introduced a complete and diversified range of well maintained self-propelled aerial work platforms, available with lifting systems by means of scissors, articulated and telescopic booms. We made our team members’ expertise and personal commitment our greatest products and our customers our greatest motivation.


​Since then, we have grown steadily through our commitment to high quality service supported by international man-lifts manufacturers while maintaining and updating our customers and the sector with all the information for adapting safe work practices in the Lebanese work-sites which lead us all to a remarkable record of 0 % onsite work accidents. The company gained contracts of challenging projects in Lebanon where expertise and first-hand machines were needed.


In 2014, our slogan became 



We become the first company in Lebanon to be recognized as a member in the International Powered Access Federation  (United Kingdom) for promoting highest international standards for safe and effective use of man-lifts in work-sites.


Latest models of man-lifts were introduced to our fleet. 


During the coronavirus pandemic, our company implemented the highest safety standards to ensure the well-being of our employees and customers, rigorously following guidelines set forth by health authorities. Our commitment to stringent safety protocols underscores our dedication to maintaining a secure environment amidst challenging times.


Our company continued to supply the market with the latest models of man lifts, solidifying our position as the premier choice for contractors seeking top-quality equipment.

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