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Scissor-lifts are self-propelled machines. They are used in a number of applications where a straight vertical lift with limited outreach capacity is required. They are used extensively in construction projects. They can be used on the inside and outside of construction sites. Different scissor-lift models are used in different ways and at different stages of the construction project. Some of the users of scissor-lifts are steel erectors, roofers, glazers, plumbers, painters, sign installers, HVAC, Camera-man Shooting, electricians, dry-wallers, aviation industry, shopping malls…


Some of their features:

  • Self-propelled

  • Battery operated

  • Diesel operated

  • Ability to be driven when elevated (Depending on model)

  • High drive speed cutout

  • Fall protection anchorage

  • Tilt alarm

  • Manual descent

  • Narrow width units for restricted space application

  • Non-marking tires for use on high finished floors

  • High lifting capacity

  • Platform extension

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